three reasons for stuttering

Let’s talk about the process of stuttering or stammering, and why individuals start to have these speech issues.

If you look at the mission on our website, you’ll see that we’re focused on how people treat people with stuttering problems, and how to remove the stigma about these conditions to help treat them in modern society.

So what creates stuttering? What are the underlying causes?

Here’s some of what we have encountered along the way as we help provide therapy and solutions for stutterers and their families. This will illuminate why stuttering happens and answer some of your questions about how to address it.

Original Trauma

An original trauma can create a stuttering problem. In fact, you may have people who combine incidents of PTSD with a stuttering issue. Looking at these “co-conditions” from a statistical perspective gives us clues on how stuttering problems begin.

Part of that involves the subconscious reaction to a challenge in a way that forms a kind of mental blockage that’s hard to remove over time.

Therapy can address this, but the underlying problem can be hard to diagnose and hard to treat. That’s part of the reality around this type of condition, which is really pretty common.

Emotional Context

Part of the reason that someone may be stuttering for a number of years may have to do with a lack of emotional support for handling whatever caused the stuttering problem to begin with.

With the right kind of coaching and guidance, and the right kind of support and affirmation, stuttering problems can often go away.

But ideally, they should be nipped in the bud early before they become established and ingrained in someone’s behavior.

That’s part of the philosophy that speech therapists often take in addressing these issues with clients.

Lack of Speech Therapy

Again, technical speech therapy can help with stuttering and other issues.

The same type of therapy can also help with a gap between verbal and reading skills or a lexical problem that may have to do with a stuttering issue that someone has been dealing with for a while.

That’s just a bit about what we encounter as we work with stutterers to help empower them to live in today’s modern societies.

Talk to us about the mission and how it works as we move forward trying to educate people on a common condition that many of us live with from day to day.