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Hi there, I’m Daniel, and I’ve been navigating life as a stutterer since the age of 3.

Stuttering, for me, has always been a constant challenge in expressing myself how and when I want to. It can be incredibly frustrating, but I’ve learned to embrace the journey.

Imagine my fluency as a pulsating lawn sprinkler, transitioning between smooth streams and staccato bursts. Those streams are like moments of fluent speech, while the bursts represent times when my fluency is limited and difficult.

These fluent moments, unfortunately, are fleeting, making the ebb and flow of stuttering both a gift and a struggle. Therein lies the ‘cruelty‘ in stuttering.

Yes, having a stutter can be tough, disheartening, and even embarrassing, but it’s not the end of the world. When approached with the right mindset, dealing with a stutter can forge strength and resilience!

While the harsh reality is that stuttering has no known cure, our organization wants to accomplish the following goals:

#1 – To highlight and address the psychological impacts of stuttering in a person’s life.

#2 – To build a community that provides practical support and help navigating life’s challenges with empathy and understanding.

#3 – To raise funds for stuttering research and support promising students in the field of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD).

We are dedicated to advancing stuttering research, and strive to support various types of studies, including:

Mentored Research Studies: Tailored for new investigators, especially post-docs, actively engaged with a mentor.

Independent Research Studies: Geared towards early career investigators establishing an independent research record or experienced researchers embarking on a new endeavor.

Collaborative Research Studies: Designed for mid-career investigators with an extensive research history, fostering collaboration with other experts.

Our commitment extends to a range of research areas, encompassing, but not limited to: Speech Science Research, Early Childhood Language Development, Researcher–Practitioner Collaboration, and Student Research Grants.

Additional Donor Information: Kindly be advised that (a) all received donations will be allocated to our general fund, supporting various research grant programs; (b) the presentation of research grants is contingent upon proposals submitted by investigators, subject to thorough evaluation by seasoned experts in communication sciences and disorders; and (c) our grants exclusively endorse the most promising proposals and students.

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When our organization kicked off, I had successfully secured a partnership to support the University of Michigan’s Department of Psychiatry and its speech lab.

Simultaneously, I was actively seeking to back Michigan State University’s Developmental Speech Lab due to their frequent collaborations.

Regrettably, these opportunities hit a snag when unforeseen issues beyond our control arose.

Despite the hurdles we’ve encountered, I remain unwavering in my commitment to the core mission that inspired the creation of this organization – helping people who stutter.

My determination stems from moments like when Dr. Gerald Maguire, the world’s leading authority on the medical treatment of stuttering, commended my vision for this organization. His encouraging words have been a guiding light, propelling me forward even during my darkest days (thank you!).


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James C. Dobson • Author